We are sold out! Thank you so much for supporting LEYSF! Winner will be announced at the Banquet!

Enter to win an MC Scow and Support Youth Sailing!

Proceeds go to Lake Eustis Youth Sailing Foundation. You can contribute to providing quality sailing instruction to the youth of Central Florida!

Thank you to Melges Boat Works for supporting our youth! The boat will be raced at the SER, Train Wreck, and Midwinters by past champion Andy Burdick – expect the boat to be rigged and ready to win.

The Raffle will be drawn live at the Banquet during the Midwinter regatta at LESC in Eustis, Florida on Friday March 15th, 2024. The boat will be available to take home after the regatta from Lake Eustis.

Tickets are $150 each and there are 300 tickets available.

The winner is responsible for sales tax from their home state and transportation of their new MC Scow from Lake Eustis to its new home.

Included: 2023 Melges MC Scow includes: Steel Galvanized Trailer Package, Full Deck Cover, Melges Rudder and Tiller Bag, Melges Envelope Cover, Quantum Sails Zenda MC Powerzone, Tapered Mainsheet and Carbon fiber tiller extension.

Thank you for supporting youth sailing.