How to join the Sailing Club @ UCF

So you want to join the Sailing Club at UCF? Membership in the club is a fantastic way to meet new people who share your enthusiasm for sailing (both within UCF and in the sailing community at large). The best time to join is at our Open House at the beginning of each semester, check out our social media pages for updates on our upcoming events.

Membership in the club grants you access to our practices and any other official club events. You will also get two (yes, two!) t-shirts. We currently have two options for practices with their own goals and requirements, and all other events are open to all members.

After you’ve come and seen what we do, you’ll want to join (just trust me on that). We use IMLeagues to manage our roster, you’ll have to log in with NID and join the Sailing Club under the Sport Clubs tab. Once we see and accept you’re request you’ll have to fill out two forms that you’ll see at the top of your screen when you look at the club homepage.

Thanks to support from the UCF Sport Club Council, we are able to offer affordable access to sailing for all UCF students. We have two options so you can choose what you want to do. For more info about each option, click the links to be redirected to the pages.

For our Learn to Sail course, the dues are $150. After completing the course you may decide you want to join the race team (many do), so you get a special rate of $100 to add that on after completing the Learn to Sail. Members are strongly encouraged to volunteer at the regattas with the race team, as they are a great opportunity to see that aspect of sailing.

To join the Racing Team, the dues are $220 for the semester. This covers everything (practices, registrations, and the team gear). Race team members are required to volunteer at the Inland Lakes Youth Championship and the George Washington Birthday Regatta hosted by LESC each October and February respectively