What and Why to buy:

Things to buy:

1) Spray jacket (Dingy top) – a cooler weather essential. A sailing designed one is best, but water proof nylon jacket that keeps the layers dry and stops the wind penetrating will work.

2) Sailing gloves – not really for warmth but for grip. I personally like fingerless as this allows dexterity when needed.

3) Sailing shoes / boots – you can get specific shoes or wet suit style “boots”. But boots can get hot in the warmer months

4) Hiking pants / wetsuits / cover pants – these help keep you warm by keeping the spray off and a windbreak layer

5) Wool beanie – great for keeping the head warm

GEAR SITES and Examples

Clothing, Hikers & PFDs (

Sailing Gear | MAURIPRO Sailing

Apparel – Page 1 – Gill NA (

Sailing Gear (

Junior Gear – Sound Boatworks (

Lifejackets – Snug PFD

Please be sure to purchase a PFD rather than a buoyancy aid.  PFD’s are coast guard approved and are required for racing in case your sailor ever wants to get into that part of sailing.

A snug fit is important so that when a sailor falls in the water or capsizes, their PFD doesn’t fall off and the other sailors can pull up on the shoulders to help them back in the boat.

It is important to have a PFD that has room for arm movement – some of the neoprene life jackets are a bit too bulky.  Life jackets for sailing usually have no padding under the arm so that the sailor can have freedom of movement there.

Examples of Sailing lifejackets:

If you aren’t ready to get a “sailing” life vest, you can find inexpensive PFD’s at Walmart or West Marine that work well – just be sure it is not too loose.–runabout-life-jacket-adult-30-52-chest–14897292?recordNum=3

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